EXHIBITION, 4-18. May 2018 at Courtyard HIROO, Tokyo

展覧会、HOME in the expanded field に参加します。

会期:2018年5月4日(金) −5月18日(金)
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Artist / Hana Sakuma, John Tran, Rie Iwatake & Junya Kataoka, Junko Otake, Freyja Dean and Richard Paul

Maybe being ‘at home’ is not a simple thing. In this group exhibition ‘home’ is explored as a place that can be transitory, imaginary, and whose meaning is unstable or elusive. The connotations of security, belonging or familiarity, are taken to task by the seven artists in this show, who reconsider what constitutes home either by drawing from their own experience of displacement, or making the home environment strange and extraordinary.

As urbanization and migration across borders increase, a change in the notion of ‘home’ as a fixed point that defines identity and excludes those that don’t belong may be inevitable. The work in this show treats home as a moveable feast of desires, memories and paradoxes. Recalling older semi-nomadic ways of being, it looks forward to lives of hunting and gathering information, experiences and connections in an expanded field.

Gallery talk and round-table discussion 4th May 17:30-16:45. Chaired by Dr. Hiroki Ogasawara, Professor in Sociology and Cultural Studies at Kobe University. In Japanese with English translation.
Guest artist performance by Malaysian-born artist Niranjan Rajah, Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Canada. May 11th 16:00-17:00